Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the weekly update. It has been an exciting week at Transformance this week, with some excellent changes coming into effect, which are going to drive our values of offering our clients the very best service and training towards their goals. Let’s take a deeper look at what Happened at Transformance this week:

Week in review:

Member Monday – Meet Albert

This week, we would like to introduce you to Albert from Transformance CrossFit Horgen. Albert has been training with us for 18 months and has seen an amazing transformance since joining us. Week by week, Albert works extremely hard in our morning class and has regained his ability to do many skills from his youth, which he thought he would not be able to do again. Listen to his story below.

Coaches Weekend:

Saturday saw our coaches get together for our annual training weekend, to not only further educate our coaches, but also to come up with new and exciting way in which we can continue to serve our community in the best possible way in the future. Whilst it was a fun filled weekend, we also worked hard to come up with new ideas of how we can provide a better service to you, our events calendar for 2020 and how we can improve things around the gym and within our own coaching styles. We look forward to sharing details of the outcomes with you all soon.

New Memberships:

This week saw the launch of our exciting new Transformance Memberships and Transformace Intro package. This new approach ensures a more interactive approach to your training, allowing members a greater level of 1-to-1 time with your dedicated coach who will ensure that you are continually moving forward towards your goals. All of the Transformance memberships include an element of 1-on-1 time, with a minimum of 1hr every 3 months, and up to 2hrs per week. This provides our members with the opportunity to talk about their specific goals, and create a development plan towards them. So, whether it is; improving posture, Losing weight, getting your first pull up / muscle up, we have the right package for you to make sure that you stay on track and achieve it.

To support current members in deciding whether they would like to switch or stay on their existing membership, we will hold group talks on the following days / times:

Transformance CrossFit Horgen

Monday 9th September – 7:30 & 9:00

Tuesday 10th September – 17:40 & 18:00

Transformance CrossFit Meilen

Monday 9th September – 7:30

Tuesday 10th September – 17:40

If you cannot make these dates, or would prefer a more private meeting to discuss your specific case, please contact one of our coaching staff to arrange an Athlete Check-in or email us to organise at


New Video Content:

The ‘Calories Out’ problem

Have you been counting our calories and wondered why you are not losing / gaining weight the way you anticipated? Watch Part 2 of our 3 part series to learn a little more about some of the issues with calculating your body’s calorie expenditure:

The Kindness of Cholesterol

Whilst Cholesterol often gets a bad reputation, it is also a vital component within our bodies. Watch this quick video from Transformance Kinesiology to understand why we need cholesterol, the impact that stress has on cholesterol production within the body and also how it may affect your stress levels when suffering from PMS.

Coming up…

Strength & Olympic Lifting classes:

If you didn’t get the opportunity to try the new Strength or Olympic Lifting classes in Horgen yet, we would like to invite you to use one of your usual weekly allowance to try the classes for the first time. If you would like to give them a try, we will offer this deal to members for the next 2 weeks. To reserve your spot, please email us at

Enjoy the weekend and the week ahead and keep tuned for some exciting updates on the CrossFit Open to follow.

Team Transformance