Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the weekly update. We hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and have some exciting holidays planned for the coming weeks. If you would like to keep up your training while on vacation, why not drop in to another CrossFit affiliate near to your destination? You can lookup the location of all registered CrossFit affiliates HERE. Be sure to tag us on Instagram in any training pictures while you are on vacation

Welcome to Wädenswil Members:

You may have noticed several new faces around the gym this week. Due to the unfortunate closure of CrossFit Tartan in Wädenswil, we have opened our doors to the members of CrossFit Tartan and would like to make a warm welcome to the newest members of our community. A special mention to Marko, Mathias, Renato, Reto, Sascha & Yazeed who have joined so far over the past weeks. It can be intimidating coming into a pre-established community where you don’t know anyone, so if you see a face that is unfamiliar, please go and introduce yourself and welcome them to our community and support them in settling in.

Member Monday:

Meet Anita, our Member Monday from Transformance CrossFit Horgen for July. Anita has had a stellar last 6 months with us at Transformance. She not only got her first pull-up, but also Toes-2-bar and is now already working on numbers 5, 6 and 7. Not only that, but she has managed to achieve all of this whilst raising her 6 year old twins!! Congrats! Her work ethic is an inspiration – today we’d like you to meet her!

Keep a cool head – thanks for the kidneys

Watch Linda’s latest post from Transformance Kinesiology. Do you feel drained of energy or are you struggling to sleep? Linda gives some simple tips to calm down and revitalize yourself. Check out our Youtube Channel (Transformance Horgen & Meilen) every Thursday for our Transformance tips and tricks straight from Kinesiology.

Tricks to de-stress

Do you ever realise that you forgot something? Ever wondered why are we do this and how we can consciously use this natural reaction to de-stress!


Coming up next week…

Outdoor workout – 13th July

Some of you may have seen that our Transformance Meilen location took the initiative a couple of weeks ago to make the most of the great summer weather and have an outdoor training session during the Saturday class. Due to overwhelming positive feedback, we have decided to continue this trend and offer our members an outdoor WOD for both Transformance Horgen & Meilen locations on Saturday 13th July. The classes can be reserved as normal through Zen Planner. For details of exact locations, please keep an eye out for notifications around the gym and in the details of the workout on Zen Planner.