It is finally that time of year again… The CrossFit Open begins next week and we look forward to seeing you all challenge yourself to hit new PRs and achieve things that you never thought possible when you originally started CrossFit. See below about how to get involved:

CrossFit Open 2019

What is it?

The CrossFit Open is an annual CrossFit event where the global community engages in 5 workouts issued over 5 weeks. These workouts are programmes by CrossFit HQ and are designed to test all areas of fitness, whilst at the same time bringing our community around the world together.

The workouts are suitable for all levels, with workouts being provided for:

  • RX Athletes
  • Scaled Athletes
  • Age groups for those over 35 with appropriate scaling

Whilst the scaled workouts are programmed to be suitable to as many people as possible, in the event that the movements are still too challenging for members , we will also provide a ‘Super Scaled’ option for those who wish to take part but are still not confident enough to participate in the Scaled category.

Scores from the events can be logged on the website for a small registration fee, however this is NOT compulsory for you to be able to take part in our events here at Transformance.

In Transformance we look to support our goal of building community by taking a ‘team’ approach to the open. So, whilst everyone is competing for their own personal pride & glory, we reward our members based on participation by earning points for your respective team – This year, Team Blue or Team Black.

How to get involved:

It doesn’t matter if you can only make 1 or all 5 of the events, every participation counts towards your team’s overall score. Firstly, you need to register for a team by either speaking to a member of staff, or by following this link to add yourself to either Team Blue or Team Black. Let the team captain (Blue = Noelle / Black = Pascal) or a member of the Transformance staff know that you have registered so that they can add you to the respective Facebook / Whatsapp groups.

If you want to register and record your scores on the official CrossFit website and see your standing in the gym, country or globally, you can also register on the website but this is not essential to take part.

Once you are in a team, grab yourself one of the armbands from the front of class and represent your colour!

The Workouts:

Each week, Friday’s class programming will include The Open workout for those looking to do the workout for fun, however for those who want to register a score for their team they will need to come along on Friday night to take part in one of the ‘heats’. These ‘heats’ will be judged to make sure that all members are held to the same standards and you can sign up on the SportsNow app, like you would for any other class.

Other key events to note are that we will host a main ‘Friday Night Lights’ event on the first and last week of the open, with a BBQ and social event to celebrate the opening and closing of the CrossFit Open. See the Facebook events below for details, however please also register for these in SportsNow as you would for a normal class:

Friday Night Lights – Horgen – October 11th

Friday Night Lights – Meilen . Novembers 8th

Even if you do not want to participate and just want to come along and join the fun, you are most welcome!

What if I miss a workout?

Officially workouts can be done from Friday morning until Monday evening, however we will host the events in our gyms on Fridays. If you miss a workout, that is no problem! Yes, it would affect your score in the overall leaderboard but the important thing is that you enjoy the workouts and events that you take part in. You can earn points for your team every week that you can participate, so even making 1 event could be the difference between winning and losing for your team.

We will also have another opportunity for members who could not make the Friday workout to take part, which will be on Monday at 8pm. Spaces will be limited, so if possible you should try to come along on Friday evenings.

Alternatively, if you are away on vacation or traveling for work, you could also do the Open Workout in any other CrossFit gym around the world. Visit the CrossFit Affiliate Map to see all gyms available to do the event and send us a copy of your signed (by a judge from that gym) scoresheet and we will include your score within your team’s points.


The Open is a great time of year for CrossFitters and an excellent opportunity to push your boundaries and challenge yourself. If you have any questions, please let a member of staff know, otherwise we look forward to seeing everyone achieve amazing results in the coming weeks.

Team Transformance