Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the weekly update. We hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and have some exciting holidays planned for the coming weeks. If you would like to keep up your training while on vacation, why not drop in to another CrossFit affiliate near to your destination? You can lookup the location of all registered CrossFit affiliates HERE. Be sure to tag us on Instagram in any training pictures while you are on vacation

This week in review:

Summer Challenge:

Are you on holiday and looking to still get a good workout in with limited equipment? Join our summer challenge and complete the below workout, post your score in the comments to be entered into our prize draw.

New Video Content:

Improving Front Rack mobility

Coach Noemi gives some great tips and drills for improving your front rack mobility and helping you to improve that front squat position.

Snatch Warm-up

Coach Noemi shares her warm-up drill for snatches, making sure that you are fully mobile and ready to rip that bar from the ground!

Creating sustainable habits

This week, Transformance Kinesiology looks at Tips & Tricks for how to integrate new habits into your life to change it for the better.

Coming up:

Tanja’s leaving party

As many of you will know, Tanja will be leaving us for a short while to travel the world. Whilst we are all very jealous, we would love to invite you to join us in saying farewell to Tanja on the 7th August for a ‘bye-bye WOD’ and BBQ. You can find details of the event on our  Transformance Meilen Facebook page, here.

CrossFit Games Public Viewing & WOD

The CrossFit Games is just around the corner, taking place from the 29th July until the 4th August. For the chance to watch (and train like) the elite CrossFitters, why not join us at Transformance CrossFit Horgen on Saturday 3rd August for a public viewing of the events? Doors will be open from 18:00 and we will have an open grill, so please feel free to bring something along add to the BBQ or share with your friends.

For those wishing to take on a challenge, we will also feature a WOD, adapted from one of the games workouts to allow you to get a feel for what the pro’s go through at the games. We will begin the WOD at 19:00. Please register your interest on the Facebook group here.

So, until next week, we wish you all a great start and look forward to seeing you in class.

Team Transformance.