Christmas is almost here and it is our last chance to put in some ground work to limit the damage over the Christmas period. Christmas is a time of eating and drinking and can lead many of us to put on a few unwanted KG. If you would like tips for how to best handle the abundance of food over the Christmas period, why not book in for an Athlete Checkin with on our of coaches and come up with a plan of attack to limit the impact of the festive season, whilst still being able to relax and enjoy it.

With Christmas around the corner, we have some exciting things up and coming at Transformance this week:

Xmas Event – Lift to Gift

We want to thank you for the great year and celebrate. In this time of giving, we organize our Lift to Gift event on the 8th December. Come and have a PR in Squat, Bench Press or Deadlift! – The highest lift in kg per man and woman we donate in SFr. to set up a class offer for disabled children and young people of the Waidhöchi Horgen!
You can come at any time between 10:30 and 14:00 clock! Whether to lift, or otherwise train or just celebrate. You can bring who you want and there is sugar-free mulled wine and something to nibble (Paleo Guetzli? 😉

The Christmas event is also our kick-off to new opening hours on Sunday! (Yes, in the future you can regularly train on Sundays with us!)

Sunday Opening & Skills & Transformance Lab

We are also launching our Skills & Transformance lab, which will take place on the following days / times:

Wednesday – 7:30-9:00

Saturday – 8:30-9:30

Sunday (every alternate Sunday) – 10:30 – 12:00

Starting at the Xmas event, we will begin Sunday opening for athletes to work and build on their skills, make up classes missed or spend time improving their technique. Sunday opening will initially be every 2nd week. Clients can use the Skills & Transformance Lab as an opportunity to sit down with a coach to discuss a plan in order to maximise the quality of the time spent in the gym in addition to working on these goals. We look forward to seeing you all improve from this additional available training time.

New Classes

We have an exciting new Timetable starting 1st December, which includes:

  • Additional Konditioning Classes
  • Mobility
  • Gymnastic Strength

Konditioning classes are included in your monthly membership as usual. Mobility & gymnastics are free until the end of January, but still need to be booked via the SportsNow app (this won’t take one of your credits). The full details of the new class timetable can be seen below:


New Video Content:

I’m stretching but not improving my mobility… why?!

Check out this video from Linda which gives a clue as to why you might not be seeing the improvements you want from your mobility exercises.

How to prevent back pain in overhead movements

Do you feel pain in your back when doing overhead movements? This quick test might give you an insight into why.

Are your muscles shortened or do you have underlying nerve problems?

This simple test will help you to know whether stretching the hamstrings and lower back will actually work, or if the problem may is underlying from elsewhere.

Is your ankle mobility stopping you from hitting a new Squat PR?

Struggle to keep the heels down on your squats without letting the knees collapse? Maybe ankle mobility is the issue.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our new classes next week and hope to see your improvements soon after. Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend and we look forward to an exciting week ahead.

Team Transformance