Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the weekly update. Summer is fast coming to an end, and we are happy to welcome everyone back to classes. With the start of the new season, we are making big plans for the coming months and you can expect to see several exciting changes, including; new classes, new ‘Transformance’ Memberships, and of course, new uniforms for the coaches! Take a look below to see what has been going on this week:

This week in review:


This week sees the beginning of our preparation for the CrossFit Open, which begins on the 10th October. Each Monday, Head Coach Dan will be selecting an Open workout from the past to give members the opportunity to experience what it feels like to take part in the event and learn how to pace and break up these WODs.

This month’s skill focus is on Double Unders, helping you to learn efficiency in your jump and learning to find a smooth rhythm while working under fatigue.

This month’s strength focus is going to be on squatting, but with a focus on being able to utilise your strength whilst under fatigue, to simulate a workout scenario.

New Video Content:

What happens when sitting?

Take a look at this video from Transformance Tips & Tricks for some important information on what happens to your body when we spend too long in a seated position and how to counteract these physiological changes:

Coming up…

New Classes!

As we mentioned last week, we have some exciting new classes starting next week:

  • Strength – Wednesday 18:00, Horgen – Coach Linda – Perfect for athletes who want to build strength and muscle mass. We develop your power in the big lifts, which are proven to have the greatest transference to your total strength and muscle mass. “Strong people are harder to kill” … no, seriously, we know that your quality of life improves in all areas when you are stronger. And, when you’re stronger, the WODs get easier.
  • Olympic Lifting Special Class – Thursday 19:00, Horgen – Coach Noemi – Olympic Lifting is for those who want to work more on Snatch and Clean and Jerk. But the skills and drills will not only support these two lifts, but your full strength and speed as well. Each class will focus on an Olympic weightlifting skill. The course is led by Noemi, who successfully competes in Oly Lifting competitions.
  • Conditioning – Various days / times throughout week in both locations – Having stamina and fitness not only allows you to spend great long days outdoors, but it also allows you to do more work in longer WODs and get fitter in classes. THIS SPECIAL CLASS IS FOR ALL MEMBERS AND INCLUDED AS PART OF THE ABOS.
  • Additional morning CrossFit classes in Horgen – Due to popularity we have decided to put on an additional 2 morning classes, hoping to make it easier for all ‘morning members’ to train at the time they want. As a trial period in September, we will offer on Tuesday & Friday mornings a 6am & 7am class.

All members will be able to try the first week of these new classes, included in their usual membership classes. After the first week, the Strength & Olympic Lifting classes will be part of our usual ‘Excursions’ and entry cards will need to be purchased separately.


Looking forward to seeing you all in class next week. Have a great weekend.

Team Transformance.