Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the weekly update. We hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and have some exciting holidays planned for the coming weeks. If you would like to keep up your training while on vacation, why not drop in to another CrossFit affiliate near to your destination? You can lookup the location of all registered CrossFit affiliates HERE. Be sure to tag us on Instagram in any training pictures while you are on vacation

Welcome to Wädenswil Members:

As mentioned last week, we welcome many of our newest members from CrossFit Tartan in Wädenswil. This week we would like to make a special mention to Kari, Jean-Mari, Olga, Stacey & Yannick who have joined us in the past week. Please continue to do us proud and make them feel welcome, and help them in finding their way around the gym.

Outdoor workout – 13th July

This Saturday saw our 2nd outdoor workout of the year, with this time both Horgen and Meilen gyms taking part. A great day out in the sun was had by all, with fun bootcamp style workouts showing that you don’t need heavy equipment to work up a sweat and get a good pump on.

Why not check out the photos in our Facebook Members group.

Battle of Luzern

A big congratulations to both Coach Marek & Gianna Anastasia who competed this weekend in the ‘Battle of Luzern’ this weekend, and what a battle it was!

Marek & Gianna fought it out to the very end to earn themselves a well deserved 2nd place overall in the Scaled Mixed Teams division. Please take a moment to congratulate them when you next see them in the gym for their fantastic achievement!

Coming up…

CrossFit Games Public Viewing

The CrossFit Games is just around the corner, taking place from the 29th July until the 4th August. For the chance to watch (and train like) the elite CrossFitters, why not join us at Transformance CrossFit Horgen on Saturday 3rd August for a public viewing of the events?

Exact timings of events have yet to be released by CrossFit HQ, but we plan for this to be an evening event beginning at around 6pm. We will have a featured WOD, which will be adapted from one of the games workouts to allow you to get a feel for what the pro’s go through at the games.

Following the WOD, we will have an open grill available outside for those who want to use it, as well as the CrossFit games streaming on the TVs in reception and the workout floor. Please register your interest on the Facebook group here.


So, until next week, we wish you all a great start and look forward to seeing you in class.

Team Transformance.