Hello there to all of our members and friends of Transformance Switzerland.

As the weather finally turns and summer fast approaches, it is time to reflect on another exciting week at Transformance. Let’s take a quick look at the week in review in case you missed it:

Farewell to Transformance RappersWil-Jona

This week we said our final farewell to our gym in Rapperswil-Jona, and what better way to say goodbye than to invite our members from all three Transformance gyms to Rapperswil-Jona to take part in the classic benchmark workout, Murph. A big thank you and congratulations to those who took part, it was great to be able to give the gym the send off it deserves.

With this, we thank the coaches and members from RappersWil-Jona for their hard work and commitment over the years and look forward to welcoming each of you into the family of our other locations in Meilen & Horgen.

Final workout at CrossFit Rapperswil – Murph


Member Monday – Pascal

Pascal has been with us for a little more than half a year training in Transformance Crossfit Horgen and his development as “starting off” would probably be an understatement! Within a few months Pascal went from from the non-fitness visitor booth and has made the jump to athletic power with values like 120 kg back squat. With a 100 day nutrition focus, Pascal reached a 5 kg minimum weight, and reduced his body fat by 3 percentage points (CA. 20% of his entire körperfettes).
Congratulations! Congratulations! Enjoy your coffee from the Seehallen Kaffeerösterei.

Watch his video here:


New Video Content

This week has seen the launch of some very interesting content on our YouTube page. Go and check out the following articles which give you a great insight into some exciting topics:

Matt Talks Macros – Check out this short video introducing Macro Nutrients and their role in your diet and body –

Linda`s Squat Surgery – Check out this short video to get some insight into why your foot may actually be the reason that your knees are collapsing during our squat. –


Coming up…

A quick look into the week ahead to see what we can expect and some fun activities that you can get involved in:

Public holiday – Monday 10th June we celebrate Whit Monday and therefore the gyms will be closed for classes. Enjoy the sun and head outside for a workout in the sun, but don’t forget to wear suncream! We don’t want to see a class of Lobsters on Tuesday morning.

Kids Class – Mittwoch ist CrossFit Kids Tag bei Transformance! Ein Bewusstsein für gute Bewegung und eine Selbstverständlichkeit für ein aktives Leben kann nicht früh genug beginnen. Mit dem Fokus auf Spiel und Spass bauen wir im CrossFit Kids ab 5-16 Jahren die Grundlage für alle alle sportliche Altivitäten – denn bis 14 Jahre ist es sehr wichtig, die Kinder in mehreren Sportarten zu entwickeln – ohne sich zu sehr auf eine zu fokussieren.

Denn in diesen wichtigen Formationsjahren werden die Voraussetzungen geschaffen um später schneller und einfacher neue Sportarten oder Fitnessrichtungen zu verfolgen.

Zudem sind einmal korrekt gelernte Bewegungsmuster eine Investition fürs Leben und aufgebaute Kraft hilft den Kids sich lange mit Freude und verletzungsfrei auf Pausen- und Sportplatz auszutoben.

Wäre das auch etwas für dein Kind? Dann kommt doch einmal um 14:00 Uhr am Mittwoch reinschnuppern und meldet euch für die neuen Kurse nach den Sommerferien an! (In Horgen und Uetikon!!)

Schreibt uns: Info@crossfithorgen.ch für mehr Infos!
Wir helfen Leuten jeden Alters gesund zu leben, nachhaltig abzunehmen, sowie mental und physisch stärker oder fitter zu werden. Mehr Infos zu den Kids findest du auf:
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Swiss Team Challenge – Once again we will take part in the Swiss Team Challenge on the 22nd June, hosted by Transformance CrossFit Horgen. This is a great opportunity to test your fitness and is available to everyone, whether a complete beginner, or a advanced athlete. Register your team of 4 (minimum of 1 male and 1 female per team) at reception in your gym.


Wishing everyone a great weekend and week ahead. As always, please reach out to us if you have ay questions or need any further information at info@crossfithorgen.com. Team Transformance


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