This week I read about Victor Castro – he lost control of his arm after a motorcycle accident 4 years ago. After feeling depressed initially he has since fought to come back and train CrossFit – and adapted the movements so he can do it with one arm only.
Just before that an athlete of mine got notified by her doc that her knee joint will have to replaced ASAP because the Arthritis has damaged it too far… (She will be able to train with us again after the replacement. We will adapt some movements – and it should be overall less pain and discomfort for her compared to now.)
Also this week I soundly found myself carrying my dog to the vet because he wouldn’t walk or stand normally anymore. (He’s torn a muscle probably. We got some pain meds and were sent off for the weekend.)
It reminded me of the things we take for granted: Like being able to move and use all our limbs. Like our general health and that of our loved ones…
It reminded me that we should complain less about the minor things like the weather. If you woke up this morning with full use of your brain and your limbs and your family healthy, it’s a good day.
I hope you go out and enjoy it. Move. Play. Eat well and tell the ones that matter to you how you feel!
(Read Victor’s inspiring story here.)