AND IT IS ALL OVER! – The 2020 CrossFit Open has finally drawn to a close with a workout to put even the most advanced athletes to the test. This week’s test not only pushed the physical fitness of athletes, but also challenged their mental game with strategy being a major focus for this event. This week athletes were able to split the workload in any way that they saw suitable, meaning those who knew their body and limitations the best, were able to better strategise and plan their workout around their strengths.

This week’s workout also gave the opportunity for our athletes to achieve their first Ring Muscle-Ups, and there is no better opportunity to congratulate Pascal Geromini & Younes Zelmat on this great achievement. This is a great testament to the hard work that you put into class each week.

Let’s take a look at this week’s Top 3 from each category…

Men’s RX

1st – Ramon Loiacono

2nd – Pascal Geromini

3rd – Patric Schnellmann


Women’s RX

1st – Linda Morgenthaler

2nd – Gianna Anastasia

3rd – Noelle Scholze


Men’s Scaled

1st – Andre Bisig

2nd – Ueli Hengartner

3rd – Dominic Scarabelli


Women’s Scaled

1st – Catherine Seubert

2nd – Sarah Mert

3rd – Nicole Matthiessen


After an amazing 5 weeks of effort from all members of our teams, the final award for Horgen’s Fittest Team is awarded to Team Blue, who took the lead early on and were able to hold off the treat of Team Black creeping up them to win by a convincing 10 points.

Team Blue : 201 points

Team Black : 191 points

If you would like to see the photos from the event, check out our Facebook group.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved PRs, ‘firsts’ or even for pushing beyond your expectations each week. For all of the coaches at Team Transformance, it is an absolute pleasure and one of the biggest perks of the job to be able to see our teams perform so well and be rewarded for their hard work over the course of the year. Thank you to everyone for showing up to class week after week and giving it your all.

With the Open over however, training also moves on and it is now time to reflect on your results and determine your focus areas for the next 12 months. Use your success and weaknesses from the past weeks to continue to develop and push your training further. If you need help to set goals or develop a training plan to improve on your weaknesses from the 2020 CrossFit Open, please speak to one of our coaches and book and Athlete Check-in and allow us to support you in getting there.


Util next week, have a great weekend from Team Transformance!