Once again, last week our warriors went head to head in the pursuit of testing their fitness by taking on Open Workout 20.2. This week saw a combination of heavy thruster, with high skill gymnastics and Double Unders to give a tricky combination to those favoring a specific discipline. Once again, all members put in a great effort, with many achieving their first consecutive double unders when under pressure! Whilst they did not finish in the ‘Top 3’ for their category, we would like to make a special mention to the following people:

Renato Bianchi – Just 3 weeks ago he was unable to do more than 8 consecutive Double Unders, however after dedicating some of his time and attention to a Skill Session to focus on this, was able to complete 307 reps in the workout, doing many of the Double Unders in sets of 15 of more. Great work on progressing this skill

Ueli Hengartner – Due to timing of when he could do the workout, Ueli completed the workout unjudged this week. However, had his score of been judged, it would have been enough to put him into 1st place for the Scaled category this week. What is his tip for getting such a good result this week – A full 8 hours sleep for the first time in a long time! Great work on a fantastic result.

This week’s winners for the RX & Scaled categories are as follows. Congratulations to everyone on earning some extra points for their team.

Men’s RX

1st – Marek Oswald

2nd – Ramon Loiacono

3rd – Yannick Wieser


Women’s RX

1st – Gianna Anastasia

2nd – Eva-Maria Lederer

3rd – Linda Morgenthaler


Men’s Scaled

1st – Oliver Kahle

2nd – Adrian Tartia

3rd – Fabian Schneider


Women’s Scaled

1st – Felizia Wittke

2nd – Amy Jones

3rd – Leanne Holenstein


This week’s ‘Team Spirit’ points (5 points) were awarded to Team Blue, courtesy of Noelle & Andrea (otherwise known as “The Woooo girls”), for creating a great atmosphere with their cheering of members from both teams, showing the real value of a CrossFit community in helping you to push through beyond what you expected that you can achieve. Thank you, ladies, for all of your efforts.


So, after 2 weeks, Team Blue are creeping ahead:

Team Blue : 101 points

Team Black : 92 points

With heavy Deadlifts & High Skill Gymnastics in the next workout, let’s see if Team Black can pull themselves back in line with Team Blue, or whether the Blue team will start to run away with their lead.


Untill next week, have a great weekend from Team Transformance!