It is that time of year, where the CrossFit community around the world comes together to celebrate fitness and the progress that we have made in the previous year (or in the case of this year, 6 months due to the change in the CrossFit calendar). Dave Castro has been working hard to devise his latest ‘torture methods’ in the form of CrossFit workouts in an attempt to test for the world’s fittest athletes and offer them an invitation to join the 2020 CrossFit games.

At Transformance, we kicked off this year’s celebration with our team challenge, Team Blue vs. Team Black. After an exciting evening with all members pushing their boundaries beyond what they though might be possible, there were some amazing results with 3 athletes completing the workout under the time cap. A big congratulations to Gianna, Marek & Yannick for this amazing achievement! Whilst we are proud of everyone who took part, we would like to say a special congratulations to out ‘Top 3’ from each category respectively:


Men’s RX

1st – Marek Oswald

2nd – Yannick Wieser

3rd – Ramon Loiacono


Women’s RX

1st – Gianna Anastasia

2nd – Linda Morgenthaler

3rd – Eva-Maria Lederer


Men’s Scaled

1st – Andre Bisig

2nd – Matthias Ackeret

3rd – Gabriel Francez


Women’s Scaled

1st – Felizia Wittke

2nd – Amy Jones

3rd – Andrea Lehner


This week’s Team Spirit Award goes to Team Black for arranging team t-shirts. Congratulations, you earned yourselves and additional 5 points! So, after week 1, it is neck and neck with both teams on 50 points:

Team Blue : 50 points

Team Black : 50 points

If you would like to see the photos from the event, check out our Facebook group.

Let’s see what 20.2 has in store for us next week and look forward to the next challenge.

Util next week, have a great weekend from Team Transformance!